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Privat medical emergency service for the privately health insured

foreigners and direct payers in Frankfurt

You need rapid medical help  in frankfurt?

Phone: 069 - 348 711 75

At our Private Medical Emergency Service for the Frankfurt area, you can expect friendly and competent help 24/7. Our Team consists of Doctors with many years of extensive experience, all of whom are well trained and specialized in acute Medicine. You are in good hands!

Privatärztlicher Notdienst Frankfurt Haus- Hotelbesuch

How does our private medical service in Frankfurt work?


Dial the number of our Private Medical Emergency Service in frankfurt
069 - 34871175. You will be immediately provided with instructions on what to do until the emergency help can arrive.


One of our emergency doctors will immediately leave for your address.


The emergency doctor will take time on site for an extensive conversation and a thorough examination. In the most cases they will help you immediately or give you the appropriate medical prescription.

Should further examinations or hospitalization be necessary, our emergency doctor will take care of that as well. We will be happy to call you few hours later or the next day to find out how effective the treatment has been and if you have further concerns.

24/7 Service!

Billing for the privately insured.
If you are not registered in Germany you have to pay the bill right after the treatment in cash. You will be provided with a receipt that can be reimbursed by your insurance company in your country of residence. 


If you have further questions about our Private Medical Emergency Service in frankfurt please do not hesitate to contact us also via the contact form.